International Artist of the Week: Pepstar (London, United Kingdom)

[The Leak]


Hailing from East London, this underground rapper has made quite a name for himself. Often honing his intricate metaphors with in-depth messages and story telling, the youngster has proven time and time again that his caliber is up to par amongst his peers. Perhaps the greatest and most innovative focus on his lyrical abilities has been the acclaimed “Russian Roulette” series. While the extensive tale of lust and betrayal may have stricken a chord upon its initial release on the underground scene a couple of years ago, its status on the international level has yet to be recognized.
Proving once again that he is prepared to take his audiences on a twisted tale of guts and the guise of infamy, “Russian Roulette” (Parts 1 through 4) helps to bridge the unfortunate gap between East & West in regards to hip hop & fortunately validates the strapping skills of Londoners.